Sunday, December 11, 2011

The House is Burning Down...Now What?

There is one item that my father-in-law would grab if his house were burning down.  Now if you knew my father-in-law, from herein to be referred to as 'Dad', this would make complete sense.  He is the most level headed, straight-as-an-arrow, black and white kind of guy you will ever meet.  And when I say 'ever' I mean E-V-E-R.  If his house were burning down the one item he would grab is his 1911 Colt pistol.  He's had it since the 80's during the time of the Cocaine Cowboys.  It's his baby and they've been fighting crime together ever since.  So OF COURSE for his birthday he was getting his gun cake complete with serial numbers engraved on the side.  

Here's the cake posing with the actual gun underneath.  Ha! if cakes pose.  Oh, but they do.  They do indeed.
Chocolate cake with raspberry filling.

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