Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Want to know if you should buy that stock? Give Felix a call.

Today marked the beginning of the end.  The dreaded end of a healthy wrist.  The blossoming promise of a deterioration known as carpal tunnel.  After the 1000th leaf that I piped for a birthday cake I knew it was eminent.  I kissed my wrists goodbye and continued piping 389 more leaves.  I know because I counted.  Why would I do such a thing?  Because I get paid by the leaf.  Ha!  I wish.  Because I'm a sadomasochist.  Partly.  After all, I am a mother.  Who else loves to pick up messes they didn't make?  And partly because the task of piping leaves was beginning to take on a most mundane monotony.   

What kind of cake requires 1389 leaves?  A Jake and the Never Land Pirates cake of course!  What is Jake and the Never Land Pirates?  Clearly you don't have small children.  It's only the #2 show on the Best TV Shows of 2011 list.  Who's the birthday boy?  Felix, a forward thinking four-year-old innovator who loves that show.  He's smarter than all the brains that work at Disney.  While Disney was nervous and cautious about the show's initial lukewarm reviews, allowing those reviews to dictate their Jake paraphernalia production or lack thereof, Felix watched one episode and knew the theme of his next birthday cake.  If Disney had consulted with Felix there would be a Jake toy under every Christmas tree this year.  But there won't be because Disney hasn't produced them.  Disney missed out.  But not me.  I'm going to give Felix a call tomorrow about some stocks.

By the suggestion of Cristina, Felix's godmother, the cake is an inside-out Oreo cake.  It is a yellow cake sprinkled with Oreo crumbles sandwiching two fillings:  Oreo and Chocolate.  The leaves are royal icing.  The palm trees are fondant and chewy chocolate.  Part of the cake is rice krispies treat.  The ocean is buttercream.  The sand is cookie crumbs.  There are hidden treasures like pretzel sticks and candy in the decoration.  And last but not least, half a doughnut.  It is definitely a treasure chest of textures. 

Happy 4th Birthday Felix!

Disclaimer:  The pirate ship, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and the crocodile are not my handiwork.  They are toys supplied to me by Cristina.


  1. oh. my. word. That is the most fabulous cake I've seen online for Jake and the Never Land Pirates!!! I'm currently planning my son's 3rd birthday party, a Jake-themed party, and I sooo wish I had the talent to make this caliber of cake! Great Job!!!


  2. Hi Alexa!
    Thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things. Happy 3rd birthday to your son.


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