Friday, November 25, 2011

The Girl Next Door...

In this post I'm going to introduce to you a young lady named Hea Jean.  She's the poster child of sweet, innocent, wholesome and many other adjectives that describe the girl next door who wishes only the best for anyone and everyone.  You can only guess that she married her first boyfriend last year.  And the happy couple is now expecting their first child--a boy!  They chose Jong Min as his Korean name but are unsure about what name to choose as his English name.  Nathan or Jake.  I'm rooting for Nigel.  

A sugar teddy sitting on top of a cloud of piped buttercream.  The cake board is covered in a quilt with patches and buttons all made of sugar.

 A close up of the sugar cake topper I made for their cake.

Chocolate cake filled with raspberry and whipped ganache.  

Congratulations Hea Jean and Cheol Soo!

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