Friday, November 25, 2011

Ana, the World's Biggest Snoopy Fan

Meet Ana.  She is the curator of the world's largest private Snoopy memorabilia museum. That's not really her day job but she might as well start charging admission to her house because her collection is extensive.  So what kind of cake do you think she got?  Oh yeah!  (Say this like how Vector from Despicable Me says it.  Now who's laughing?  Oh yeah!)

What's that black stringy looking thingamajig on the board you ask?  It's the kite string for a limited edition Woodstock kite.  It's limited edition because I only made ONE and it's the ONE on the board.  You can see the kite in the next picture with the birthday girl.
 White cake with graham cracker crumbles, marshmallow swiss meringue and chocolate filling.  Because Ana loves s'mores. 
Happy Birthday Ana!

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