Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Most Dangerous Delivery...and I live to tell about it

Today is Xavier Francisco's birthday and he is turning 3!  To celebrate his mommy ordered a Lightning McQueen, his favorite, cake in chocolate, also his favorite.  He loves Lightning so much that what would have been a normal delivery turned out to be one of the most dangerous deliveries ever made.  My husband almost lost his shirt helping me deliver this cake.  Literally.  Lost.  His.  Shirt.  Right. Off.  His.  Back.  

We were greeted by Xavier and his sister at the door.  Excited Xavier screaming "My cake!  My cake!"  He was so excited that he did what any logical 3-year-old would do.  He grabbed my husband and tried to bring him down to his level so he could be one with his cake.  Completely understandable.  In Xavier's eyes, the one obstacle standing between him and his Lightning was the poor, unassuming delivery guy.  The cake was assembled and we were able to make it out safely thanks to our savvy survival skills.  Okay, fine.  Xavier went to take a nap.  But I think our survival smarts helped too because there was a dog!  A dog the size of a horse.  A horse disguised as a dog.  But that's another story.  And this story is about Xavier and his Lightning.

The cake is chocolate cake with chocolate bavarian cream iced in milk chocolate ganache and finished in fondant.  All the decals on Lightning are edible.  I cheated and used Entenmann's chocolate covered doughnuts (or donuts for those of you on Team Edward) for the tires.  The cake board is inspired by Porto Corsa.  Ever been there?  No?  You have to go (or just watch Cars 2 like I did).



Happy 3rd Birthday Xavier Francisco!  
On a side note, I finally met Eduardo Roberto and he is cuter than that Precious Moments figurine atop his cakes.

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