Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Once Upon an Enchanted Forest...

There lived a little fairy named...Emma Ella and she lived in an enchanted forest called...Enchanted Forestdom.  (I'm sensing you're feeling sorry for my daughters right about now because you suspect I might be a poor storyteller.  Fear not!  It gets better.)  She had a roomie, a fellow named Gnomeo (just mentally insert a generic media disclaimer here), and they both rented a flat in the Forestdom.  Emma Ella loved 'The Trunk' as they lovingly referred to their apartment.  The landlord had a good eye for design and so the innards were tastefully done with lovely Victorian accents throughout.  She wasn't too thrilled about the entrance though.  She was twice the size of the door frame.  But Gnomeo did pay the larger chunk of the rent.  And plus--being able to affordably rent such a great flat in the Forestdom with that kind of square footage to allow her to throw her trunk shows (Ha ha!  Get it?  'Trunk' shows.  Nevermind.) was nothing short of a miracle.  However, it did not come without strings.  This landlord, a Monarch Butterfly named...Fabio, was constantly snooping around to make sure they weren't trashing the place.  He had sent them several letters via certified post regarding the weedy vine that was growing up along the sides of the trunk as well as the wild mushrooms that were starting to pop up all over the place.  But how else was Gnomeo supposed to come up with the rent?  Emma Ella had especially grown fond of the mutant one and was devastated about the idea of Gnomeo cutting it down for his business, Shrooms Inc.  She will, without a doubt, miss just lying around enjoying the days atop her gigantic mushroom.  So she hired Baked Ever After to immortalize the scenery via a cake!

Vanilla Rum Cake with Coconut Buttercream

Here are close-ups:
Fabio, the landlord. 
The weedy vine

Fairy Emma Ella atop her mutant shroom

The pathway to her idyllic flat

...and they all lived happily Baked Ever After. 
The End.

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