Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creative Freedom!!!

I have a confession.  
I'm a semi-practicing Catholic.  Phew!  Glad I got that off my chest.  
Well...the Priest at the church that I semi-attend, his birthday was coming up and my die-hard Catholic mother wanted me to make her a cake...for the Priest.  I agreed but under one condition:  I have free license to execute whatever I desired.  She trusted me whole heartedly...because that's just how my mother is.  I had always wanted to do a bust cake but I didn't tell her that. 
So...TADA!  This is what I made for my Priest.
 Layered Yellow and White Cake with Raspberry Filling

How cool is my mother?  She took this to the Priest's birthday gathering donning the biggest smile on her face and pride in her eyes because her baby girl made it.  

I got a full report when she got home.  Here is the shorthand version of what she said and my thoughts in [ ]:
Everyone loved the cake.  [Yay!  I never tire of hearing or seeing this.]
No one knows what it tastes like because no one would cut the cake.  [WTF?  I mean WWJD?  He'd cut the darn cake.  It's just cake, people!]

Happy Birthday Fr. Bosco!

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