Sunday, July 24, 2011

What to do when the husband wants a motorcycle but the wife doesn't want road rash...

Sandra wanted to throw her husband, Ray, a surprise birthday party and thought a motorcycle cake would be fitting.  After all, Ray's favorite motorcycle is the Honda VTX 1800 in blue.  Hats off to Sandra for she is not only a great accountant, she is a great mediator--she found an easy and tasty compromise that would satisfy his desire to live life on the edge and her desire to have him around, safe, in one piece
The Honda VTX 1800 with options in blue.  
The tires are rice krispies covered in chocolate.  Everything else is white cake with raspberry filling covered in dark chocolate ganache. 
The license plate reads: B-DAY BOY.  The speedometer reads:  OVER THE HILL.    

Happy birthday Ray! 


I'd like to extend a special thanks to Gary over at Rick Case who allowed me (a complete stranger) to take pictures of his motorcycle to model this cake. 
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