Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Where's Roberto?" A Moroccan Double Whammy

Pregnant sisters-in-law, Jackie and Lisette, were planning a Moroccan themed baby shower.  They wanted separate cakes for each baby and cupcakes to go on the dessert table.  In the original design the Precious Moments statues were going to sit on top of pillows.  To my knowledge no baby names were picked out yet.  But one week before the cake was due I asked about any remaining details, i.e., baby names.  Boy, did I open up a can of gummy worms.  Lissette was going to have a girl and she was going to name her Lucia.  I know, I can hear your "aawwww, how wonderful!  What a pretty name!"  Jackie was going to have a boy and she was going to name him Eduardo.  You folks are probably doing the whole "awwww, how wonderful, what a pretty name" but the thing that was going through my head was "ohhhhh, really?  How am I going to fit that on a 10" petal cake that's going to lose more surface area due to sculpting?"  But we got it and whatever casualties we had along the way, they ended up on the cupcakes.  As I was assembling the pillows on the cake, Jackie's mother-in-law came to look.  She saw that the pillows spelled out the baby's name.  She asked me "Where's Roberto?"  Apparently, the baby's name was to be Eduardo Roberto.  I silently thanked Jackie.  Can you imagine the monologue in my head if she had told me that her baby's name was going to be Eduardo Roberto?  The cakes are butterscotch rum with cheesecake and butterscotch filling.  
The pillows are made of rice krispies and some covered in chocolate.  The round jewels are hand made candy gems made especially for this occasion.  Lisette's Lucia cake colors:  fuchsia, purple, mustard yellow, red orange with gold accents.
Jackie's Eduardo cake colors: emerald, aqua, navy blue, mustard yellow with gold accents.
The pillows are the casualties that we had along the way.  They were too big for the cake. 
 The spread.
Congratulations Jackie, Lisette and families!

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