Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grand Marnier all around!

A rustic beauty.  Inside and out.  Actually, it's more beautiful inside than it is on the outside.  How so?  Can you say Grand Marnier?  No, really, can you say it?  I mean, can you say it like a Frenchman (or Frenchwoman)?  I love saying it.  It makes me feel so sophisticated.  Grand Marnier.  Ohhhh....  Grand Marnier.  [teehee]  But more than saying it, I love eating it in desserts. 

So...without further ado...
 Grand Marnier infused butter cake with dark chocolate mini-morsel cake and a wedge of Grand Marnier infused velvet cake in between the butter cakes.  Grand Marnier Italian meringue buttercream with flecks of candied orange peel and 85% cacao shavings between each layer of cake.  Covered in dark chocolate ganache.  Be still my heart.

A close up of the candied orange peel flower with ganache center adorning the cake.

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