Thursday, February 2, 2012

Help Wanted: Advisor

Like all great companies, we have an advisor.  It's a pretty important position because without proper advising in this particular department we could potentially lose thousands of dollars a year.  What department is it you ask?  Our pro bono department and my mom, the self appointed advisor, runs it.  Now there's one thing you should know about my mom.  She has a weakness for all things God--Priests, bibles, holy water (not in the it's burning kind of way), rosaries, crosses, white bread (especially when it's shaped like a circle), the list goes on.  Thank God for our system of checks and balances.  She would cake me into the poor house for any occasion at church.  Yea...we're in good hands.  Love you mom!  Ignore the title.
Without furter ado...Father John Bosco's Feast Day cake.

Chocolate layer on bottom, white on top with raspberry filling.  

All decorations including rosary and tassel bookmark are made of sugar.

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