Sunday, April 17, 2011

"I wanna eat him, where do I start?"

How much do you love something that you'd be willing to get it tattooed on your body?  How much do you love something to get it tattooed over 3 inches big on your body?  Well, folks, aside from the guy that has a spiderman logo tattooed on his chest (such a cool tattoo, here it is), meet Gabriel, an aspiring 3D video game designer, Spiderman's 2nd biggest fan. So we needed to make him a cake that was as big as his love of Spiderman and we think we delivered on that.  Meet Spidey, he's a crouching 2'2" tall.  The cake is entirely edible (with the exception of his skeletal system) and he's made part key lime cake with cheesecake filling and any kid's favorite, rice krispies treat.   

Yes, Gabriel was gobsmacked and he couldn't wait to dig in.  But he didn't know where to start since the entire thing was edible.

 Happy Birthday Gabriel!
Spiderman's 3rd biggest fan

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